Kros Disposable Ecigs Contain Nicotine.

About Kros Disposable Ecigs

9000 & 6000 Puffs!

Kros is the next generation of disposable ecig devices. The Kros Wireless and Kros Unlimited disposable ecigs were engineered with the user in mind as they are sleek and comfortable to hold or carry. With advanced technology, the Kros ecig devices boast premium mesh coils that give a very smooth flavor. The Kros Wireless has an integrated screen which lets you know if you need to charge the device while it also shows the level of the e-liquid left inside!  They are packaged fully charged and are rechargeable which makes them last a long time. Kros Wireless disposable ecigs have 17ml of e-liquid with 9000 puffs. Kros Unlimited disposable ecigs have 14ml of e-liquid with 6000 puffs.   Get Samples or sign up to become a distributor today! 

Kros Mini 4000 puff 10ml & Nano 5000 Puff 13ML Disposable Ecig
Kros Mini 4000 Puff & Nano 5000 Puff Disposable Ecig Fully Charged and Re-chargeable
Kros Nano & Kros Mini disposable ecig devices with premium mesh coils
Kros Mini 4000 Puff & Nano 5000 Puff Disposable Ecig 5% Nicotine
kros disposables 10 13 ml salt nic fully charged and rechargeable
kros disposables mesh coil 5 percent nicotine

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Kros Mini 4000 Puff & Nano 5000 Puff Disposable Ecig

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